The Tour of Pareto

Ring tour practicable in both directions, it can be considered a “four seasons” route precisely because it is possible to do it in all seasons, including the winter one. Length of about 60 km for a difference in height of about 500 meters. Estimated time just over 2 hours. The route does not present major difficulties, you need to go up the Staffora Valley up to Verzi, if you go clockwise, or go up the Curone Valley in the other direction. In common there is the Pareto ascent from the two sides, which are equal in difficulty, here you cross fascinating gullies that touch the asphalt. Places of interest: visit the ancient village of Varzi, and in Volpedo, the birthplace of the painter Giuseppe Pellizza, author of many famous paintings including the Quarto Stato.

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Casa Coppi - Il Campionissimo

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